Digital Processes & Technologies

Digital technologies enable new ways of organizing work and new business processes. Digitalisation in products or in sales has long been an important topic, also in your industry. Social Media, Cloud, ECM and other technologies enable digital and automated business processes. Here you will find news, documents and appointments about technological and process innovations from research and application.

Strengthening innovation and technological developments drives the competitiveness of markets – a key requirement for economic prosperity.

The crucial factor is the agility with which an economy uses existing and new technologies to increase productivity. The prerequisite for an innovation climate that increases the value added in regions is the cooperation of political and private actors.

Indicators are high or growing investment in research and development, venture capital, scientific research and training partnerships, patents and more.

Innovation is a key requirement for economic prosperity and the transition to a sustainable society. However, technology transfer between developed and developing nations is sluggish, hampering the implementation of global development goals.

Challenge: use innovations worldwide

Technology transfer between industrialized nations often takes place quickly and efficiently. By contrast, the diffusion of innovation into developing countries is much weaker. This phenomenon is sometimes described as a lack of North-South technology transfer.

In addition, technologies are not always universally applicable and may therefore be unsuitable for developing countries.

The local application of Cleantech effectively contributes to solving global challenges such as climate change. However, the local population needs to be involved if such projects are to succeed in the long term.

Relevance for investors: Innovation drives company success

Successful companies focus on innovative products and services that help solve global challenges, often in areas such as cleantech. Other companies suffer competitive disadvantages or even jeopardize their existence.

As an example, the American auto industry is called: Because she overslept the switch to more efficient engines, it has been running after the competition from Asia for a long time. This led to profit slumps and market share losses. At the same time, Tesla Motors also developed into the global pioneer of electric mobility in the USA.